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Advertising in the MassACDA Newsletter

MassSings, the newsletter of the Massachusetts Chapter of ACDA, is published in black and white two times a year, in January and September.  The available ad configurations for this publication are indicated below, with ads represented by shaded rectangles shown in relation to 8½” x 11” pages.


Rates are as follows:

Ad Size  Configuration Single-issue rate 2-issue rate
(10% discount)

Full page A $240 $432
2/3 page B $190 $342
1/2 page C1, C2 $165 $297
1/3 page D1, D2 $135 $243
1/4 page E1, E2 $115 $207
1/6 page F1, F2 $95 $171



To secure ad space or to submit an ad, contact MassACDA’s Public Relations Chair, Rebecca Kenneally.  The email text should indicate the ad size and configuration desired, and the number of issues in which the ad is to run.  Ads may be submitted in any commonly-used format, such as PDF and any of the Microsoft Office formats, as well as common graphic formats (e.g., JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF).   If the ad is text only, best results will be obtained with a text format (e.g., DOC or PDF).  If the ad combines text and graphics, PDF is an excellent choice.



Ads must be submitted no later than 1 month prior to the publication date, i.e.,

  • December 1 for the January issue
  • August 1 for the September issue