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Running Successful Sectionals

by Sean Landers, Music in Worship Chair When was the last time you ran a sectional with one of your choirs?At what phase in your rehearsal process did you incorporate this best practice? Sectionals are a valuable tool to use at all phases of repertoire learning.However,in his 1980 article about sectionals, Timothy Mount implies that less […]

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Jobs of a Conductor

When I began conducting musical groups professionally (lo these many years ago), I figured out that a big part of conducting is simply wanting something to happen at a certain time – the secret is in knowing what you want. Conductors are good at willing singers to do what we want them to do. This […]

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Examples of Communication

I like to think that most choral conductors at some point communicate with their singers outside of rehearsal. Probably the most famous examples of this come from Robert Shaw, who wrote prolifically and whose letters are an inspiration to all of us (you can read them in The Robert Shaw Reader by Dean Robert Blocker). […]

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