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Women’s Choir Choral Rep

Since becoming the Women’s R&S Chair, the most frequest question I get asked is, “Where do I even begin looking for women’s choral repertoire?” If you are a new director to a women’s ensemble, it is hard to weed through the re-arranged SATB repertoire and the sparkly schmaltz to find works specifically written for women […]

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Choral Opportunities: MMEA 2015 Conference

by Faith Lueth, MMEA Liaison The 2015 conference for the Massachusetts Music Educators Association (March 19-21 at the Seaport Hotel and World Trade Center) has much to offer choral musicians. There are three days packed with a variety of choral offerings that include informative sessions, insightful rehearsals, and performances. The conductor for this year’s All-State Chorus is Rollo Dilworth. […]

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The Care and Preservation of the Voice

by Tony Thornton, MassACDA President-Elect As conductors and singers, we work very hard over a period of weeks to prepare for performance. Concert week may include additional rehearsals and certainly a dress rehearsal. This added stress can cause the immune system to weaken, making the body susceptible to illness; it would be a pity to […]

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Giving Voice to Female Conductors and Composers

by Lindsay Pope, Women’s Choirs Chair This past fall, I attended a conductors and composers forum at a nearby college. When it was time for the students to pose questions, one student remarked, “I am an aspiring composer. I cannot help but notice that of this entire panel, everyone save one composer is male. What […]

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Running Successful Sectionals

by Sean Landers, Music in Worship Chair When was the last time you ran a sectional with one of your choirs?At what phase in your rehearsal process did you incorporate this best practice? Sectionals are a valuable tool to use at all phases of repertoire learning.However,in his 1980 article about sectionals, Timothy Mount implies that less […]

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Women’s Repertoire: Challenging the norm

As a director of three women’s choirs at an all-women’s liberal arts college, my primary challenge is to compile repertoire that recognizes the growing racial, ethnic, and sexual diversity within the student body while continuing to give my students a cohesive choral education. My approach has not been to shy away from truly great sacred […]

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