Calling all choral consortia . . .

“Sharing the Love: Collegial Support through Local Choral Consortia” . . .

is the title of a breakout session being offered at the upcoming Chorus America Conference to be held in Boston, June 17-20. Whether or not you are able to attend, if you are involved in a choral consortium (or similar collaborative organization) we would like to include your basic information in our growing records of such activity. Here’s how (and it’s guaranteed to take less than three minutes!).

“There is so much that we can do collectively to further awareness of the choral art that none of us could do as individual organizations,” comments Deborah Simpkin King, Chair of the New York Choral Consortium, and co-presenter of the session. “Our competition is, first and foremost, with what the general public doesn’t (yet!) know about the impact of a vibrant choral experience, not with each other; and, together, we can make a greater difference!”

“When choruses work together it strengthens and promotes the choral art in their communities,” adds co-presenter and President of the Greater Boston Choral Consortium, Anne Watson Born. “We are aware of new consortia springing up around the country, and part of the intent of this session is in gathering information on what appears to be a growing movement.”

The larger goal is to exchange experience that can be mutually beneficial. The information gathered in the brief survey, in addition to that garnered through the discussion in the session itself (1:00 PM, Friday, June 19th, Boston Park Plaza) will be made available to those who contribute information through the survey and, in the future, through a new Choral Consortium Facebook group.