3 Pieces to Consider

Autumn Gives Her Hand to Winter – SAB, piano
Keith Loftis
Pavane Publishing P1492

Set in b minor, this could be a nice piece for your 7-8 mixed group – lovely melody, artful, appealing text, and decent part-writing that facilitates success for your students. The piano accompaniment is appealing but not terribly difficult.

Duermete Mi Corazon – available for SATB, SAT, or SAB, piano
Bolivian Lullaby, arr. Judith Herrington
Pavane Publishing P1442
This Bolivian lullaby, sung in Spanish, utilizes changing meters, lovely part-writing, and good ranges for your middle school singers. Ms. Herrington knows the developing voice and offers several options which you can use to accommodate your group. Set in d minor, the piano accompaniment is accessible for a student pianist while still maintaining interest.

Hold Me, Rock Me – SAB unaccompanied
Brian Tate
Pavane Publishing P1500
This piece would be perfect for your 8th grade chorus where most of your men are mostly changed voices–the bass part sits rather low. Although the lyrics are based on traditional spirituals, this piece doesn’t have a sacred feel. The repetition featured in the piece makes it a quick learn, and some easy syncopation could be a good rhythm study for your group. Soloists or small groups handle the verses while the rest of the choir provides the accompaniment.