Chaperones for ACDAEast Honor Choirs

We are looking for people to chaperone the High School and South American ACDA Eastern Division Honor Choirs in Boston (February 10-13).

Altogether, we will need approximately 8-10 females and 6-8 males to chaperone.  Please note that chaperones will share rooms with one other person.  If you know someone that would make a good roommate for you, all the better!

What does this involve?

Help with registration and voice-part/performance clothes checks on February 10
Nightly bed checks between 10-11pm (no overnight duties)
Chaperone students when they leave the hotel for group activities – concerts, trips for meals and activities.  All rehearsals will occur in the hotel.
Being in attendance during rehearsals and meals
Helping out the choir managers as needed
Must be an ACDA member

In exchange:
Free registration for the conference (when not assigned chaperone duties, you may attend the conference)
Hotel accommodations for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
Any student provided meals are also provided to chaperones
Parking if needed or other transportation

Please let me know if you think you might be interested or have any questions!

Sean Landers
ACDA Eastern Division High School Honor Choir Manager, Boston 2016